Fellas, this is how your girlfriend wants you to dress

Okay, confession time! I have a serious weak spot for well-dressed men. Anything from a well-tailored business suit to a guy having the confidence to rock a bow tie & pocket square makes me weak in the knees!

I tend to have a particular way on how I like my men to dress but then I became curious… how do other girls like their guys to dress? Of course everyone has their own personal preferences based on their own personal style & dating history but what do they like? And wouldn’t their boyfriends or other guys like to know as well?

So, with that being said, I asked some of my most fashionable girlfriends on what are some of their turn ons and turn offs when it comes to men’s wear. Here’s what they said!

“ED HARDY / graphic tees turn me off. I like florals, paisley points, camos, I like white and black on guys, v necks, Button ups or crew necks :)I haaaaaaaaaate ed hardy lmao sorry” Jeanne from Grey Layers & @TheJeanneGrey

All is forgiven babe. I’m not a huge fan of the graphic tee, Jersey Shore look either!

“I like when guys are effortlessly stylish. Like you know they put a little thought into their outfit instead of just a t shirt and jeans but also not too dressed up. And if they must wear a tee, white v neck all the way lol” Mai from Little Mai Sunshine & @LittleMaiSunshine

Effortlessly stylish? I couldn’t agree more! A guy who knows who he is and how to put himself together is just ….mhmmm.

“Turn ons: fitted clothes, shoe game, suits. Turn offs: dirty clothes, oversize, dirty shoes lol! I like sophisticated, classy men” Teresa from @tuhreesssuh

Sophisticated, classy men can never go out of style 😉

“Turn-offs are so easy to think of! Flip-flops/sandals, cargo shorts, Crocs, graphic t-shirts with vulgar or stupid sayings, worn-out sneakers (like crazy worn out)… etc. I think guys have this “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” mentality but even if it’s broke, they’re too lazy to fix it! I don’t think girls are going to argue about a guy in a suit but guys don’t normally wear suits unless they go to work so I admit that guys have it hard. Hmm… I like guys in nice oxford button ups (I say this as I’m wearing one). Short sleeved ones though… they kinda look stupid. Can’t think of anything that is a turn on besides a well fitted suit so I’m just going to have to leave it at that. Sorry fellas. ” Jennifer from Collegewalk & @Collegewalk

I’m noticing a common theme here. Sounds like a well-fitted suit is the way to go fellas *wink wink*

P.S. I have a thing against feet and seeing a guy’s feet is such a turn off! I understand it goes with certain looks, but I just can’t.

“Personally I love men in formal attire. But I also love a guy’s personal style and how much effort he’ll put into his “look.” I know the whole “sagging” controversy is huge but I truly don’t mind it as long as it isn’t obnoxious. Keeping it classy is my motto, don’t wear what you wouldn’t wear in front of your mom out in public lol! Turn off: no variety in certain clothing lines” Emily from  @emilyleperez

“I mean it all depends on what the guy wears. If they dress classy and more into the suits category then I think that’s the sexiest. I hate when guys wear the usual hype beast outfits with all the sneaker hype and super skinny jeans. That seems too childish for me. I love how my bf dresses because it’s mature but it’s something he can wear anytime like casual wear. Like button ups, nice cardigans, just his own style no one else’s. I guess it’s just sexy to me because he dresses for himself and doesn’t follow the “hype”.” Eyleen from Eyleeeeen and @eyleendesza

Again with the suits! I think I might be on to something! 😉

What are some of your turn ons and turn offs? What are some of your favorite looks? Please comment them below!


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