Tom Ford

I remember the first time I saw him… I was immediately speechless. It was not his handsome face or how perfectly his cuff peaked from his suit jacket, it was the way he carried himself that inspired me. The way he articulated his thoughts and his vision for a better looking, more suave world. His confidence jumped from my laptop screen and I was immediately in love.

Tom Ford came into my life when he exploded onto mainstream Hip-Hop. I became fonder of him when I heard the mentions of his name from my most fashionable friends. I grew curious and asked about him, much like a high school girl learning about a crush. They told me of their admiration of his work but I didn’t think of anything of it at the time. It wasn’t until I discovered dis talents and saw it for myself, on GQ’s Youtube channel, that I was forever touched by this beautiful man.

The way he carried himself; his carefully selected words, that came out with such ease, held my attention. His hold gentle but firm. The way he worked the tone in his voice made you listen to every word as if he was giving the secrets to life. His body spoken a language both elegant and powerful, even more so than his well-detailed and fitted to perfection suits. As I watch him speak, his voice was able to capture my mind while my eyes scanned him from top to bottom, appreciating every little detail and the genius efforts he put into sculpting his looks.

The more I learned about him, the more he inspired me. His career from actor to director to fashion designer and back and forth reflected his growth. It was not his success in the world of Fashion that impressed me but his ability to easily discuss his struggles and failures that made an impact. He is successful because he has failed. He is successful because he was able to overcome his hardships and learn a balance between who he was and what the world wanted from him. He is able to advise and not harshly criticize. He can admit his faults and accept certain limitations while carefully selecting which ones to surpass.

The way he is able to compromise between his inner dialogue and conflicts with his impeccable intuition reveals he is able to do something that most of us  have not, which is grown to understand who he is despite the pressures, demands, and restraints of the Fashion World. His capability to adapt to trends and grow, not only his knowledge of the customer but, his understanding of who they are and what they want from him. Much like a passionate lover, he pays attention to every craving and respond to pleasure their every desire.

His focus, much like a laser pointer, allows him to satisfy his detail-oriented self and his intelligence allows him to play with ideas and manage his many, many projects. But I guess if you’re working to revolutionize the Fashion Industry and working to make the world, a sexier place to live in, you would too.


Inspired by Tom Ford and his designer profile on Vogue’s Vogue Voices:




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