Fear. We’re all afraid of it for it is compelling as it is seductive. You try to resist from going back to it but it knows just how to make you feel what it wants you to feel, and it does it well. It knows how to ride up your spine and make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. It is strong because it makes you weak. It is powerful while you feel powerless. It is a constant reminder of your limitations, mistakes, and failures. It is like a thorn under the arc of your foot, slowly going deeper and deeper with every step you take as it drives into your soul. It is a major roadblock on your journey for it will be your hardest obstacle.

Fear is a crippling disease that will hold you back from facing reality at the same time, prevent you from acquiring your dreams. It will poke holes in your bubble and deflate any hope that you may have. It will tease you with a glimpse of what your future may look like only to show you how you will never achieve it. Fear will pull you down and raise others up. Fear will create imaginary enemies and distance with your real friends.

Without even knowing it, you are consistently feeding this parasite as it fills your head with lies. Without a good resistant, it will overpower you, stand on top as it crushes your windpipe. Without realizing it, it is you, yourself, that is blocking your own air, choking yourself, as you let it win.

Fear is a scary thing for it is the fear, itself, that you are afraid of. It grows inside you, eating away at your ambition. It spreads its poison as you spiral into the darkness. You feel cold with sweat. You feel the air grow dense. You feel fear’s grip on your throat, squeezing tighter and tighter. A sudden glimpse of light breaks through the darkness and you shake yourself from the nightmare.

It is not the position or the goals that you are afraid; it is the fear of not being good enough. They say “take a leap of faith” when it comes to taking risks and facing your fears, but the more you give into it, the further the gap grows between your finger tips and your dreams. The more you think about how you cannot make it, the harder it seems. So why not think of all the reasons how you can?

Why don’t you focus on how the idea first came to your mind? Why did you wanted to do something that many others are too afraid to try? Why do you get all excited every time you think about what your life will be like, if you were able to achieve this impossible goal? Why don’t think about how amazing it will feel once you can finally tell people you’ve made it?

Why not make it all possible? Why not focus all of your time and energy on the many reasons how you can accomplish this goal, instead of all the reasons why you can’t? Why not believe in yourself and let the candle of hope burn into a forest fire, a fire of uncontrollable passion? Why not let the passion consume you like how easily you did with the fear? Why not do it, instead of trying to do it? Why not live up to your promise, not to other people, but to the one you made to yourself? Why not believe foolishly but work smart and wholeheartedly to make it all come to life?

Why continue to be afraid when you can be passionate?


Keep inspiring and stay passionate,


Inspired by the fear I had applying to big girl corporate jobs & starting my own business


One Reply to “Fear.”

  1. Fear aren’t lies Melissa. Fear is very real, it’s a natural reaction to unfavorable conditions. What you fear, can be entirely fiction. You’re missing an important element, fear provides a sense of urgency forcing decisions and actions. It’s the action that you need to “fear”. Those who take the correct action tends to go very far. Those who take negative actions if any at all, don’t.

    But we’re not really talking about actions deriving from fear are we? No, we’re talking about decisions resulting from fear. Without fear, you will make wrong choices over and over again. Did you choose the right people, picked the right opportunities, and join the right organizations when given the choice? Your choices as a result of not being backed by a genuine sense of fear, have consistently been wrong. As a result of your wrong choices, you may have driven some people away, in some cases, permanently.

    But how do you know if you’ve suffered the consequences from your poor decision making resulting from the lack of fear? Simple, you will continue to live the same life, with absolute ambiguity of your future. So next time an opportunity enters your life disguised as either a person or circumstance, take time to understand the value given to you. Don’t be afraid of fear, be afraid of being stupid and making poor choices believing there is no danger.


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