Ladies, you’re sexiest in…. and when…

A while back, I polled a few of my fashionista girlfriends about what are a few of their turn ons and turn off when it comes to men’s wear. Well fellas, it’s payback time! This time, I polled a few gentlemen and dappers to answer what they found sexiest on a girl & when they found ladies are the most sexy! Here’s what these guys had to say!

“It almost never has anything to do with clothes. Two things for me: first thing I notice on a girl is her earrings and then I check her shoes. I get what’s going on in between but girls that are pretty already have most of it going on right? It’s all in the details then. Hahaha! Sexy girls make almost anything work: “sweat pants hair tie, chillin w/ no makeup on” etc. Along the lines of “you don’t need makeup, you’re already so pretty…” It’s not the clothes that make the girl, it’s the girl that make the clothes.”

“When they wear leggings lol or a revealing but classy dress. When? evening? It depends. At night? I guess since I go out at night”

“I think full body dresses, ex. gypsy dresses in the spring/summer, and people look best when they’re genuine, laughing or just being themselves”
I think a dress with lace, specifically the color white or black. It doesn’t fully expose her form and gives it a little mystery behind her figure. Medium size dress, no sleeves. And she can be most sexiest when she’s at her most comfortable environment doesn’t matter if its out or at home in PJ’s. It depends on the girl.”
1 a dress. 2 anything they want to wear. I believe in the freedom of expression. 3 when they give a big smile”
The sexiest things a girl can wear are knee high socks, peacoats, and girls who really know how to dress. For me, girls who can pull off a dressy attire while still being casual with it are sexy. Girls are most appealing when they have a sense of fashion! They’re the sexiest when they either can dance or at least know how to move!”
I would have to say their top because that piece in itself can accentuate the rest of the girl’s body. I like my girls to wear whatever makes them feel most confident. Confidence, in any outfit, can make the girl a lot more attractive. The sexiest would be… a well fit dress that isn’t slutty”
“When she wears your button up shirt. Anything that looks cute. And, trick question, she is always sexy.”
“This might be a cop out but I think it’s really different for everyone. I think glasses are sexy. Shoes are really important. I’m a fan of boots and heels. Boots can be kind of clunky and masculine. I really like my girlfriends doc martens. But I don’t typically like them. I think a girl is most sexy when she’s confident or comfortable. I think they’re kind of the same thing. I think raw can also be extremely sexy, like no makeup, just woke up. I think a part of being confident and comfortable is being human, which is where that stripped down vibe comes in”
“Other than the obvious things guys will answer that includes lingerie, underwear and bras. I would say dresses. Doesn’t really matter what kind of dress. Because a dress worn with a nice color scheme or matching pattern creates an aura of beauty and confidence. Whether its a night out in the town kind of dress, a classy function kind of dress, or a “just enjoying the sun,” kinda dress. I like them to wear whatever they like to wear best, cause it’s probably a factor in why I fell for them in the first place. I don’t have a particular preference, so long as a girl is confident and powerful in what she’s wearing. Unless its a potato sack or something. I think a girl is sexiest when she can take control of a situation. Whether it is in a crisis of some sort or the bedroom. I think a girl is sexiest when she knows exactly what she wants and isn’t afraid to communicate what her preferences are to you. That’s not to be confused with controlling, just being a great communicator.”
“I don’t know, like summer dress and flip flops? I think thats sexy LOL! She’s sexiest when she’s herself. Can’t be a fraud or deceptive. But if you mean fashion wise, being able to express her individuality in clothing. Brand names, if overdone, isn’t sexy. I like uniqueness lol! That’s sexy. If you decked out in LV and Gucci, #byegirl. Jk not that I don’t like it; just gives off a really high maintenance impression. It’s scary.”
Through out most of the answers, confidence, is a huge component in what a guy finds sexy in the opposite sex. Of course it varies from guy to guy but I believe we can all agree that confidence is the sexiest thing a girl, and guy, can wear. 
What do you think? What do you find the sexiest in men and women?
I want to thank all of the courageous men for answering my polls! I know it wasn’t easy being this open and honest. I know a few of you thought I had the intensions of tricking you but obviously that wasn’t the case!
Again, thank you!
Stay inspiring, M

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