Be like Beyoncé

Time. It is the most precious thing in the world. Once you give someone your time, you can never have it back. Time is intangible but at the same time, extremely valuable. So much so, we use it like currency for the things we want. We exchange it for attention, love, money, fame, and even power. Many are unaware of how valuable their time really is while others will do anything to have more of it.

As a member of the millennial generation, it amazes me to see how “busy” all of my peers are. What amazes me the most about it is how many of them claim to be “extremely busy” and yet they have nothing to show for it. Only a few of them consider themselves happy and/or successful, whether by my definition or theirs, so it makes me wonder, what are they doing with their time?

Maybe it’s my ignorance of their personal accomplishments but based on our conversations and experience from interacting with these peers, most of them found themselves dissatisfied and at a lost on how they’re able to reach their goals. From discussions of their limited life choices to getting a glimpse of their hectic schedules to complaints of how exhausted they are all the time, I fail to see the fruits of their labor after evaluating everything they have shared with me.

Whether it’s personal or professional accomplishments, overcoming significant milestones, or personal happiness, many of my friends and acquaintances are unsure of the direction or necessary steps they need to take to be where they want to be. They work long hours, juggle a multitude of responsibilities, and often times, jump through hoops to support their lifestyle and stay afloat. Although I completely understand how challenging living on your own, paying your own bills, and working to figure things out can be, I can’t help but feel frustrated with them (some, for them) on how stagnant and repetitive their day-to-day life is.

Truthfully, I am not completely innocent in this situation either. I, too, am guilty of the I’m-too-busy-to (insert one of the following options: a.) hang out, b.) get enough sleep, c.) date/see anyone, d.) stay up-to-date with what’s happening in pop culture, or e.) do what I said I’ve “always wanted to do”) excuse. With my strenuous commuting schedule, acrobatic juggling performance of starting a business, managing a blog, working a full-time job, and trying to manage somewhat of a social life, it gets pretty exhausting. I am often times wiped out by the end of the night and find myself apologizing the next morning for passing out in the middle of text conversations. With everything that is going on, it is easy for us to get lost in the shuffle not only of our schedule and routines, but with life in general. With that being said, it is also extremely important to be fully conscious of our time and what/who we spend it on.

One of my favorite inspirational meme (I call them a “pick-me-up”. Well, anything that can spark some inspiration on a task, I call a pick-me-up) reads, “You have as many hours in the day as Beyoncé”. It is one of my favorite motivational jump starters. It reminds me to put things in perspective. In Western and urban culture, Beyoncé is a symbol of success. She is an award-winning singer and song writer, sold millions of albums all over the world (means she got that moneeeey –if you don’t get the reference, click here), actress, fashion entrepreneur, fragrance expert, philanthropist, and sponsors of a wide range of products and brands. In addition to her many, many roles and titles, she is able to balance her career, marriage, and motherhood (with a lot of help, I’m sure). This branding mogul not only has a cult following but is also known for being a kind person with high integrity. She is a role model to many and overall a phenomenal woman.

You can only imagine what a woman of her stature and position is capable of doing. With all the power, prestige, and money that she has, she, also, only has 24 hours in a day. What you’re probably saying to yourself is, “well, she’s Beyoncé! She can do all of that and look fabulous because she has a team of people styling her, doing things for her, and she has the money that I don’t.”


Instead of thinking of all the things she has and coming up with excuses as to why you’re not successful, what you should be asking yourself is, what is Beyoncé doing differently that I am? How is she using the same number of hours in her day to help her become more successful? You can compare all the things she has that you don’t but then you will only feel worst about yourself for what you’re lacking instead of appreciating what you do have. What you should be doing is evaluating on how Beyoncé and other successful people manages so many roles and tasks, then reflect and learn on how you adopt a similar work ethic to your own life. Yes, technically you will be comparing your life to theirs but this way, it is more productive and effective to building your own empire!

Honesty, I don’t know Beyoncé schedule break down. I’m sure her personal assistant and manager does a great job of maintaining a heavy course load but what I do know, from studying a lot of successful people, is that they are extremely hard-working, dedicated, and passionate people. And that is something you can be too!

Keep working hard and remember…


Inspired by my commutes to NYC, the meme shown above and Beyoncé


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