The Person You’ve Become

On the journey towards greatness, it’s a given that we focus on the end goal. We think about what it would be like on top and how euphoria and victorious it would be. We fantasize about how things would be different for us once we make it big. Our minds filled with glorious visions of us running our company, having the luxury of taking care of the people we love, and living the life we’ve always said we would. As important as it is to say focused on how great it would be like to finally reach the end of the finish line, it is equally, if not, more important that we also focus on who we’ve become once we’ve reached our destination.

What kind of person will you be once you’re on top? Are you a kind person? Will you stay true to your beliefs, values and keep your promises? Are you happy, not just in life but with who you are as a person? Are you someone who you would want to be around? Have you truly become the best person you can possibly be?

As you can see, it is very important that we address these issues sooner rather than later.

As an advocate for self-awareness and self-reflection, I believe that it is essential for our personal growth to be mindful of who we as we accomplish our goals. We see it all the time on TV and in movies, how our favorite character loses his/her way and does some things that are supposedly “out-of-character” to get what they want. But is that true? Was it really “out of character” or was it because they’ve never wanted something so badly enough before, that they were willing to risk the people they care about in order to get what they want? It’s obvious they saw an opportunity to acquire the outcome they wanted and they took it. Is it who they are only in that moment or who they are overall? And why haven’t we learned from these selfish acts as we see how badly it plays out every time we watch reruns of Gossip Girl or How I Met Your Mother?

For me, I know that as I continue to grow as a person, I must consciously work towards becoming who I need to be as I overcome who I am each day. I will admit, the internal battles can get pretty frustrating and it often feels more like roadblocks rather than minor speed bumps on my road towards revelation. Regardless of the complications, I am still in the process of learning which parts of me to accept and which parts I need to improve on. At times, I feel a lack of connectedness to the person I see/hear about – the “me” that acts out in highly stressful situations – and the person, I believe, is the core of who I am. In these situations, I make sure I am mindful of the alibis I tell myself and others, jot them down, and remind myself which parts of me I still need to work on.

On this journey towards greatness, it is important to not only focus on the destination but who you are on your way there. Remember that this is all a learning process and there will be times where you have to forgive yourself for your mistakes you’ve made in order to grow. Also, keep in mind that a mistake made more than once is no longer a mistake but a conscious decision. With that being said, be careful of your decisions.

Please remember to love yourself and never, ever give up on the most important person there is. That person is you.

Stay kind,

Inspired by Diana Nyad’s Ted Talk: Never, Ever Give Up


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