Why Everyday Should Be Valentine’s Day


Gentlemen (and ladies) before you freak out (or get too excited), I am not saying you HAVE TO take your significant other to expensive dinners, plan elaborate scavenger hunts reminiscing every milestone you had, or propose every day. No. All of the activities I listed are socially constructed ideology that we have conformed to accept as expressions of love.

Celebrating the true meaning of Valentine’s day – commemorating your relationship and appreciating your significant other – every day is important because we should be grateful for our partners every single day, not just on holidays, anniversary, and birthdays! Appreciation, gratitude, and mutual respect are pillars in a healthy relationship and celebrating your relationship only out of obligation is not how you show your partner you care or respect them. (Besides, you’re missing the point of Valentine’s Day or love, for that matter, if you believe that you should reserve one day out of the year, again, excluding anniversaries, birthdays, and holiday, to show your partner you care).

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Letting Go of Unhealthy Friendships

A couple of months ago, I wrote about how important it was for us to spend our time wisely. Time is a highly valuable resource that should only be given and shared diligently. With that being said, we should be hyperconscious and extremely selective on who and what we spend our time on in order to make the most out of our “investments” (in this case, we are investing our time and efforts). It is important to recognize that in order to be successful, we must make a lot of hard decisions and sacrifices in order to do what we love and become the person we’ve always wanted to be. With that, we must be cognizant on who we surround ourselves with, for they are a reflection of who we are and who we strive to be.

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If I didn’t love myself

If I didn’t love myself, I wouldn’t be where I am today. I wouldn’t be able to push myself to try new things. I would learn that being comfortable is what’s most important and that self-growth doesn’t matter. I would learn to go with the flow and do what all my friends are doing because well, that’s what everyone’s doing. I would do what is expected of me and go day by day, no matter how stagnant things can be.

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Happy birthday! An Open Letter to My Younger Self

Dear 22 year old Melissa,

HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRL! Last night was rough, I know! Your best friend really got you good! She feed you drink after drink but at least you know, she would always take good care of you. It’s a good thing you were graceful, even until the end, and that picture she took will be a great way to finish the story you’re going to tell about how you started your year! She made sure you had a good time and looking back at the hilarious riding-with-your-best-friend-screaming-your-favorite-song-at-the-top-of-your-lungs-riding-along-side-her-boyfriend’s-car-roadtriplike-memory, you had a great time! You’ll soon learn that it’s those funny, spontaneous life moments are the ones you’ll appreciate the most.

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Ladies, you’re sexiest in…. and when…

A while back, I polled a few of my fashionista girlfriends about what are a few of their turn ons and turn off when it comes to men’s wear. Well fellas, it’s payback time! This time, I polled a few gentlemen and dappers to answer what they found sexiest on a girl & when they found ladies are the most sexy! Here’s what these guys had to say!

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